From S.

Fashion is a message; a will to express oneself image-wise. Fashion is joy and inspiration, and a product we desire. Fashion is an idea. Fashion is lifestyle and a path many are eager to follow.
My theory of fashion differs quite significantly from the one we all know. It's all of the above, but most of all, it's a business a large part of the world relies on.
Everyone perceives fashion in their own way. For me, fashion should be a delight; a mean to express yourself in a special, individual way. There is so much of a system in our world – and it makes us live and act in a particular manner. Fashion should be freedom.
I would like everyone to be self-aware enough to understand that what's attractive for some, doesn't have to be for others. There are delicate women who look wonderful in romantic dresses, and there are ones for whom formal attire proves a better choice. There is plenty of options. There are different figures and tempers. There are various tastes and lifestyles.
Let's play with fashion, so it becomes a luxury – a luxury that suits us and brings out our inner selves. We shouldn't turn fashion into some kind of a goal everyone blindly pursues.
Although I am referring to fashion in a clothing sense, if we think about it, it can affect everything – philosophy, diet or any decision we make. Let's consider it, but most of all – let's listen to ourselves. As a fashion designer I always approach my clients individually, as it is the only way to be sure that I will perfectly convey their image.

Sylwia Romaniuk