"Style. Because personality isn't the first thing people see." 
- Sylwia Romaniuk

Metamorphoses at the SR Fashion House

My Dear Ladies,

Knowing your unique expectations for years, I decided to create the Metamorphosis program dedicated especially to you.

From now on, each of you will be able to visit my Atelier and experience a wonderful, luxurious adventure together.

We will celebrate your femininity and the beauty that you carry within you.

Time to show it to the World! "

- Sylwia Romaniuk


Metamorphoses at the SR House of Fashion

Dear Ladies, each of you can participate in my Metamorphosis Programme and experience one of the most exciting and luxurious day in your life! 


The program content: 

  1. Make an appointment with us through the phone (+48 608 306 806) or via email: atelier@sylwiaromaniuk.com
  2. Our driver will pick you up at the airport or your apartment.
  3. Our talented and creative team waiting for you in the Atelier and will show their best to bring out the Beauty that dwells in you! 
  4. We choose a hairstyle and perfectly matching makeup that will emphasize your beauty features. 
  5. We also help you to select the dresses or any attire that you found the most beautiful! You have at your disposal a collection of evening dresses, cocktail dresses, suits, and other outfits that you will pick together with Sylwia Romaniuk.
  6. The next step is a photoshoot! Feel like a queen, like a supermodel, or a princess. We are here especially for you!
  7. Everything will be captured by a professional filmmaker, who will create a video for you that will commemorate that special event. 

           But this is not the end!

Our team will take care of the menu from the best restaurant. We will take a close look at your food preferences, all you have to do is simply to enjoy the moment!

The whole event is a special occasion to celebrate you, your life, your beauty, your strength as a woman. Let's spend this special day together! 

At the end of the event, our chauffeur will take you back to your hotel.  An amazing gift will be the last touch of your visit at Sylwia Romaniuk Atelier.


The price for Metamorphosis Programme is 9700.


I invite you, My Beloved Ones, to have fun together. Meet my World, where Fashion and Art are combined with Love for Women!


Sign up for metamorphoses: