1. The Seller shall deliver the ordered Goods by courier through the Deliverer.

2. Shipping via the Supplier is carried out:

2.1. For standard delivery: within 21 days from the moment of posting the payment to the Seller's account in case of payment by bank transfer or by card. Until that time, Saturdays and public holidays in the Republic of Poland are not counted.

2.2. For express delivery: immediately for orders paid by bank transfer or by credit card 14:00 with a delivery guarantee by the end of the next business day. The service includes larger cities, cities and major business centres. The service is only turned off on May 2.

3. Fees for the delivery of Goods are fixed and are as follows:

3.1. Domestic delivery (Poland): 0 PLN;

3.2. Domestic express delivery (Poland): 350 PLN;

3.3. International delivery to EU countries for orders above 1500: 0€;

3.4. International delivery to EU countries for orders below 1500€: 75€

3.5. International delivery outside EU: 100€.

4. The Seller shall not be held liable for any shipment delay due to circumstances beyond the control, unless such liability arises under the provisions of law.

5. All deliveries are controlled by the Seller and wrapped in foil with the Seller’s logo sticked to it. If upon delivery, the tape is damaged indicating the interference of third parties, the Client shall refuse to accept such delivery.

6. The Client is liable for tax and customs obligations arising from the delivery of a ordered Goods outside the European Union.