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Sylwia Romaniuk Ltd. located in Warsaw, Al. Ujazdowskie 41, 00-540 in the personal data controller regarding data collected via the Website The company had been registered by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw located in Warsaw, XIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register in the Register of Entrepreneurs. The registry number is KRS 0000631044 and the initial capital was 5,000 PLN; email:

Sylwia Romaniuk Ltd. takes special care for protecting the interests of persons whom the collected data concern. Sylwia Romaniuk Ltd. particularly ensures that these data are being processed accordingly to the rules of law.

Customers’ personal data are processed with accordance to the Personal Data Protection Act from Aug. 29, 1997 (Journal of Laws no. 133, position. 833 with adjustments) as well as to the Act on Rendering Electronic Services from Jul. 18, 2002 (Journal of Laws no. 144, position 1204 with adjustments).


Sylwia Romaniuk Ltd. collects personal data in order to provide services electronically, sign and perform a Product Sale Agreement as well as to deliver the Product to the Customer.

In case of Customers who have chosen to have their Product delivered by courier dispatch, Sylwia Romaniuk Ltd. will provide Customers personal data to the extent necessary to complete shipping. The data will be provided to the company UPS Polska Ltd. located in Warsaw (01-222) Prądzyńskiego 1/3, registered by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw located in Warsaw, XIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register in the Entrepreneur Register. The Register number is KRS 0000631044, NIP: 5221004200, REGON: 01077128, initial capital: 5,027,000 PLN.

Providing your personal data is necessary for Sylwia Romaniuk Ltd. to conclude a Product Sale Agreement.

The following Customers’ personal data are processed by Sylwia Romaniuk Ltd.: name and surname or a name of the company, address, telephone number, email address, bank account number (in case the payment is done via a bank transfer, tax identification number NIP (only applicable to Customers operating as an enterprise).

The data contained in the Cookies files are automatically collected by Sylwia Romaniuk Ltd. Cookies are text files saved on Customer’s computer while using the Website. Cookies mechanism is not used for collecting any information on the Website’s Customers. There is a possibility to disable collection of Cookies files data by editing your web browser settings.


Cookies files (“Cookies”) are small text information existing as text files. They are sent by the server and saved on behalf of the User visiting the Website (e.g. on a hard drive or a memory stick of a smartphone).


Cookies files used by the Website are safe and do not alter any configurations in User’s device or software.

Cookies files are used for:

  • Fulfilment of the Order placed by the user and optimization of the customer support process.
  • Saving User’s preferences (language version).


The Website uses the following types of Cookies files:

  • Sessional – temporary files, which remain saved on a computer or a device until the user is logged out from the Website or the browser is shut down.
  • Permanent – files which remain in the device for an amount of time specified in a particular “cookies” file data or until their manual erasure by the user.


Most web browsers accepts saving Cookies files by default. The Customer can settle the conditions of Cookies files usage by configuring the settings of their web browser. The Customer can e.g. limit or turn off Cookies files automatic saving. Such an action can however have an impact of some functions of the Website.


Using the Website and concluding Product Sale Agreements including providing the personal data is completely voluntary. The Customer to whom the data belongs makes an individual decision whether to use the services of Sylwia Romaniuk Ltd or not.


The Customer has a right to access their own data and adjust/edit/correct it at any time.

Every person has a right to control the processing of data contained in Sylwia Romaniuk Ltd’s database, whom this person concern. This particularly means a right to demand completion, updating, correcting the personal data as well as temporary or permanent hold on processing or deleting the data entirely in case they are not complete, not updated, not true or certain violations (determined by law) had been made while collecting them. It may also be the case that the collected data are no longer needed for a purpose it was collected for. In such cases the Customer has to send an email to:


The Website may contain links to other websites. Sylwia Romaniuk Ltd. does not take any responsibility for the privacy policies implemented on these websites. This Privacy Policy refers only to the Website.

Sylwia Romaniuk Ltd. implements technical and organizational measures sufficient to ensure protection of processed personal data appropriate to the risks and personal data categories. Particular measures are taken to prevent sharing the personal data with unauthorized persons, claiming the personal data by an unauthorized person, processing which violates the legal regulations as well as protecting against change, loss, damage or deletion of the personal data.

Matters which are not regulated by this Privacy Policy are settled with reference to the Website’s Terms of Use as well as to the relevant regulations of the Polish legal system.

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