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Awaken the
Goddess within

Every woman has an inner goddess, waiting to be set free

Sylwia’s vision

I want to invite you into my world. A world where your wildest dreams come true and your goddess within is embraced. Let me help you feel emboldened and empowered beyond belief. 

The Sylwia Romaniuk experience is built on intimate rituals, where I have designed every moment and interaction with you to be an opportunity to enrich your life. I will make you feel more beautiful, elegant, and glamorous than you ever have before. Set your inner goddess free with me. It begins with a dress, but is so much more. 

The Atelier

Enter our fairytale studio where there are literally no limits, a magical place where your imagination runs wild and you will receive a dress that is yours in every sense of the word. 

Indulge in a day of champagne, luxury, miracles and happiness. That’s what you will get at my Atelier. You will find yourself at your highest being, immersing yourself in and tapping into your femininity and nature, setting your inner goddess free. You will leave here changed, renewed. Step inside…