Unique, one of a kind, feminine - these are the designs of Sylwia Romaniuk. The founder and Chief Creative Officer at Sylwia Romaniuk Fashion House is a woman full of love, always in search of inspiration in art and the surrounding reality.

 Within the span of just a couple of years Sylwia Romaniuk Atelier has become a globally recognized brand famed for its evening dresses in the spirit of Haute Couture. SR outfits are created for the most important and special moments of a woman's life. Timeless style, hand-made embroidery and fabrics of the highest quality are the hallmarks that have earned Sylwia the appreciation from the most demanding of clients.

My Dear,

 Welcome to my world, where I merge art with passion to bring you truly magical designs.

 Fashion is my air, my entire life. I have been shaping the image of women for over ten years, with individual approach to every project being my recipe for success. Your trust gives me a tremendous motivation to set the bar higher and higher, and to ceaselessly search for unique fabrics and new solutions.

 Every single one of my dresses tells a tale. It can be an expression of my inner self, of what I have experienced during my journeys, or of the way I perceive music and other art that inspires me. These creations are a part of me. Through them, I share the most personal treasures: my thoughts and feelings.

 I hope that visiting my Atelier will let you find a special dress: the one that you have been dreaming of since you were a child and desired ever since you became a woman.

Tell me about the outfit of your dreams. I will make them come true.

Creative Director & Founder

Sylwia Romaniuk